This is a presentation for my English class.

1.Hi,everyone.I'm honored to be here for talking about general education.General Education is the program of education that typically developing children should receive, based on state standards and evaluated by the annual state educational standards test.In China,It is always the main focus of the government and has attracted many public attention.

2.It’s sort of significant thing to the family which is to decide how their children to access to the best education possible. Despite the extremely high tuition fee,they believe after-school class is worthwhile to choose since they provide their kids with better teaching resources and the knowledge which cannot get from the school.For instance,New Oriental Education gets their business done well in so many cities because of their excellent exam-oriented education. Parents put their kids into those “factories” so early that their children can make sure get into the topest middle school,what they call it win at the starting line.

3.General education in China,the mainstream values considers it the subjects what we test.The government notices that,so the reform in the field of the Gaokao,which is the entrance of the higher education, brought to the table.In Zhejiang,three parts of considerations can decide what college you can get into,which is the grades of the Gaokao, academic achievements in high school and comprehensive quality. You may never hear about information technology in the Gaokao,but in Zhejiang it’s not a big deal.Besides ,Gaokao is not the only way to get into college,such as applying for foreign universities and autonomy enrollment,which is more focus on unique talents.

4.The task of general education is all-round development of our children.We should add art、music、P.E. into the basket of the school subject.We should let kids decide which subject they perfer to choose,because interest is the best teacher.